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Buy folding mask machine notes

We believe that we usually wear masks when we go out. Especially in the spring where people are densely populated, wearing masks can be useful in preventing airborne diseases. But do we know? With the development of industrial automation, masks are also produced through automated machinery. The first choice is the folding mask machine.
The filter material for a good respirator should have the following three conditions. First, the filter should have high filtration efficiency under the condition that the mask is in close contact with the wearer's face. Second, the respiratory permeability is good. Third, the mask is comfortable. There are many kinds of raw materials for dust-proof masks, such as general fabrics, animal hair, non-woven fabrics, and activated carbon felt.
Because the molecular structure of gauze masks is poorly adherent, many finely-damaged particles will enter the lungs of our body through the slight air-drying of the mask. Gauze masks are mostly mechanical fabric filters, gauze materials, dust blocking rate is low, as long as the effect of adding mask thickness to achieve, but this allows users to feel greater respiratory resistance, mask comfort experience worse. However, after the electrostatic treatment, the nonwoven fabric not only can block large dust particles, but also can absorb fine dust with its appearance of static charge. After processing, the thickness of the filter material is very thin, allowing the user to breathe smoothly, thus satisfying the three necessary conditions for the good filter media mentioned above.
However, on the market, there are many masks produced by different types of folding mask machines. Many brothers do not know how to choose a mask style that meets the requirements of the conditions. There are several different styles of masks for masks. When choosing a mask, choose a function that can effectively protect human health.
A cup mask
Cup-type masks are odorless, non-toxic, non-allergic, non-toxic and non-toxic, and are the most important raw materials for glass. They are soft, effective, low-toxic, odor-free, clean, convenient, and safe.
Second, folding mask
Folding masks are foldable masks that are easy to carry, have a common plan shape, and can ensure excellent adhesion to the face. They are suitable for most face types and are primarily suitable for construction, quarrying, grinding, electronics, food processing, etc. The dust generated during work is protected.
Third, medical masks
Medical masks are a type of testing by the state. The protective and respirator products with high safety and cleanliness are widely used by hospital doctors. They are mostly disposable, convenient to use, and do not need to be cleaned. They are more protective of respiratory diseases than civilian masks.
Fourth, civilian masks
Civil masks can be divided into cotton cloth, second cloth, activated carbon and other raw materials, the more mask layers, then the better the protective effect of the bacteria, the stronger.
The masks produced by different types of mask machine equipment are not the same, and the production methods also have a lot of different local, so when we choose or buy a folding mask machine, we must consider the applicable environmental conditions, ensure that the purchase to A product-friendly mask that prevents the purchase of masks that are not suitable for the environment, so as not to obtain outstanding mask protection.
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