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Hot-selling plane mask machine in mask equipment

Hot-selling plane mask machine in mask equipment
Under the continued development of our country’s economy, major occupations have been improved and improved. There are also great changes in masks. Various types of masks have appeared on the edge of shopping malls. Different types of masks There will be different roles and characteristics, and the methods used will have huge differences. As China's harsh environment and weather often appear, many people will use masks to protect themselves. Therefore, major mask manufacturers will pay attention to the profitability of mask machines, and most entrepreneurs Looks at the mask shopping mall
As for mask manufacturers, it is clear that the mask machine is a fully automatic machine for producing face masks. The masks are produced from the mask body to the ear band welding, and the nose line is welded until the product is finished. The machine can be fully automated. No manual operation is required to save time and labor. The plane mask machine is associated with a body machine plus two point belt machine capacities. With various budgets and budgets, it can save at least 100,000 labor costs per year for mask manufacturers.
Flat mask machine has always been a popular model in mask equipment. In the first aspect, the price of flat mask machine is the cheapest machine of all types. Some businesses will consider the plane mask machine that will not be too high in terms of early stage funds. In the second aspect, the flat mask is the cheapest mask in the market mask type, and the cost performance is relatively high. Customers all agree with the flat mask; the third aspect, the flat mask machine can replace the different product data to make the flat mask machine. Deal with the needs of different types of people, with a larger shopping mall space; of course, more than these elements, in fact, the primary element is linked to the domestic market conditions.
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