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Understand the maintenance and maintenance of folding mask machine

The maintenance and overhaul of the folding mask machine is very important. The maintenance of the mask machine can bring more safety and efficiency to the mask machine. Therefore, how should we do it during the maintenance of the mask machine? During the process, if the mask machine is not maintained, then the precision of the mask machine will decrease, and it will increase the maintenance probability of the mask machine. Usually, the maintenance of the mask machine is differentiated in several aspects: pneumatic system, ultrasonic system, transmission system, electrical system, appearance It is necessary to maintain the power and shut down during maintenance.
First, pneumatic system:
The air filter cup of the mask device needs to check whether there is water discharge or the way to put water into the air compressor. In the area with high humidity, the air compressor should be drained every day to see if there are any air leakage phenomenon in the trachea cylinder. Orientation and normal operation.
Second, the ultrasound system
Check whether the ultrasonic mask system is kept clean, especially the ultrasonic box, vibrator (transducer), welding head must be boring to clean and can not have water, the connection line is necessary to go to the firm and often to see the ultrasonic welding head wear Observe the degree of change in the voltmeter and ammeter pointer on the ultrasonic box.
Third, the transmission system
The transmission system includes components such as motors, gears, speed reducers, sprockets, chains, conveyors, etc. We must inspect the motor for dust and other objects that affect the heat dissipation. Were the gears and sprockets oiled, and if there are attachments, they should be Clean, the chain tension is not suitable for whether there is no foreign matter is not cleaned, the connection screws between the transmission parts are not loose phenomenon, the reducer's oil is not enough, usually 1000-1500 hours the machine needs to replace a lubricant .
Fourth, the electrical system
Check whether the connector of the mask machine equipment circuit is loose, whether the main power line, branch signal line, etc. are worn and aging phenomenon. Will the electrical equipment be loosened? Does the electrical box maintain a dry environment and the exhaust fan is not normal? Work, etc.
Fifth, appearance
Masks are used to wear on the face, and medical masks need to enter the operating room, so the production of masks requires the neat cleaning of the mask machine equipment, every day after work needs to arrange personnel to shut down after power off the mask machine equipment The operating table and the mask containing the mask are cleaned. Note that it is not possible to use water for cleaning. Use non-toxic and volatile cleaning fluids such as alcohol to clean the equipment.
Sixth, other
Equipment can not stick to easily corroded liquids and objects. Sweat can easily cause rust on the equipment parts. If the equipment does not work for a long time, you need to apply anti-rust oil to the transmission system of the mask and the parts that are prone to rust.
The above is the knowledge of the maintenance of the equipment provided by the manufacturers of folding masks. As long as the maintenance and maintenance of mask equipments are done every day, it will greatly increase the lifespan of masking machines and reduce the probability of maintenance to bring greater benefits. Must insist on cleaning every day in order to ensure that the masks produced are all healthy and non-polluting masks. Maintenance does not take too much time. Daily maintenance can make equipments and other equipments to serve you and your company for a long time. Production of masks, hope this knowledge is helpful to everyone Thank you for watching.
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