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Understand the maintenance details of folding mask machine

It is very important that the mask equipment is bought and returned for maintenance. The primary maintenance is done. The equipment is also very smooth in the operation. The masks produced meet the standards, and it is very important for this detail to affect the area. Fold mask machine below to check the following common problems and solutions:
First, appearance:
Masks are used to wear on the face, and some even go into the operating room, so the need for the production of masks needs to be cleaned daily by a folding mask machine. When the staff is off work, they can clean the equipment's work surface and the dishes containing the masks after power off. It is important to be careful not to use water or oil, and to use other non-toxic and volatile cleaning fluids such as alcohol.
Second, the ultrasound system: folding mask machine
Check whether the ultrasonic system is clean, especially the ultrasonic box, ultrasonic transducer, and welding head. There is a need for monotonous cleaning without water, and the connection line is not robust. The degree of wear of the ultrasonic horn (mold) is often checked. Folding the mask machine to keep an eye on inquiring whether the voltmeter and ammeter pointer on the ultrasonic box is normal.
Third, the transmission system:
The drive system includes motors, gears, speed reducers, sprockets, chains, conveyor belts, etc. The maintenance needs of the folding mask machine check whether the motor surface is affected by dust, etc. The gears and sprockets are oiled or not. . Whether the tightness of the chain is appropriate or not, whether the connecting screws of the transmission parts are loose or not. Is the lubricant for the reducer sufficient? It is usually required to replace the lubricant once in 1,000 hours to 1500 hours.
Fourth, electrical system: folding mask machine
Check whether the circuit joint of the folding mask machine equipment is loose. Is the main power cable, branch signal cable worn out, etc.? Aging? Loosing? Is the inside of the electric box clean and monotonous? Is the exhaust fan normal operation? Folding mask machine
Five: pneumatic system:
Check whether the air filter has water? Check whether there is air leakage in the air pipe, whether there is air leakage in the air cylinder, or whether the orientation of the cylinder magnetic sensor is correct and whether the work is normal.
Miscellaneous: The equipment must not be exposed to corrosive liquids and objects. For example: Sweat is so simple that parts of equipment are rusted. If the equipment is not used for a long time, wipe the rust-proof oil on the drive system and rust-proof parts of the folding mask machine.
Folding mask manufacturers to maintain demand for mask production equipment maintenance, not only can reduce the number of folding mask machine repair, but also folding folding mask machine operating life, and then supply the company's production power.
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