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Automatic cup mask machine features

1. The advanced servo and constant temperature control system adopts PLC program to control the material from entering→forming→welding→punching once, and the whole production process is fully automated.
2. The equipment only needs to be equipped with an automatic cup-type mask nose strap ear strap welding machine, which can produce numerous types of market-closed cup-shaped mask products.
3, the product produced beautifully, the quality fully meets or exceeds domestic and foreign testing standards. At the same time than the previous market, mask equipment, saving more than 30%. In the true sense, it has realized cost reduction and efficiency improvement!
Cup type mask ear strap spot welder
Mechanical parameters:
Pressure: 3kg/CM
Power: 500W
Frequency: 35K
Voltage: 220V
Machine size: 800*600*1400MM
Capacity: 10--12 tablets/min
Machine performance:
1. The machine is compact, flexible and easy to operate.
2. Can be used for flat, inner ear / outer ear band, cup-type masks, duck bills and other special-shaped masks welding.
3. After the mask body is manufactured, the ear band is manually welded, and the operation is simple and the contact point is firm and beautiful. Skilled workers complete the welding of 10-12 masks per minute.
1. Ultrasonic spot welder adopts original transducer, stable output, high-quality component assembly, reliable performance, smart design, easy operation, mainly applicable to N95 mask (cup mask, dust mask, duckbill mask, plane Masks and ear straps are designed for spot welding, with high production efficiency, simple operation and stable quality;
2. The double guide pillar design can solve the backward tilt problem during welding;
3. The operation is simple, the solder joint is firm and beautiful after welding, and does not damage the material itself.
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