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Rotary cup type mask welding slicing machine

Rotary cup-type mask melting edge punching and cutting machine is mainly used ultrasonic welding and automatic edge sealing principle to complete the cup-type mask edge welding and punching process machine. This machine creatively combines two previously completely independent processes such as the melting edge of the cup mask and punching. The multi-station rotary table, welding and cutting device at the same time, welding and cutting the two heads at the same time, using PLC control system , Touch screen settings, the operation is simple and convenient, single can be used alone, only need workers to discharge, reclaim material can be, can greatly save labor, so that the production of cup-type masks more simple and quick.
Turntable cup mask fusion slicing machine features:
1. Automatic leveling device, the machine automatically adjusts the level, greatly simplifies the difficulty of use, and ensures the punching effect.
2. Multi-station turntable structure, safer operation, can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents.
3. Edge trimming is completed on the same machine, the positioning is more accurate, the trimming of the mask will be more uniform, and the appearance will be more exquisite.
4. The gantry type structure makes the whole frame able to withstand the greater impact in the punching process, and the punching effect is better.
Turntable cup mask fusion slicing machine parameters:
Power supply voltage: 220V, 50/60HZ
Product size: 800x1120x1750mm
Weight: 300KG
Power: 4200W
Pressure: 6kg/cm
Yield: 8-10/minute
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