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Basic information of cup mask machine

The cup mask machine is made up of a series of machines that produce cup-shaped masks, including: cup-type mask forming machines, cup-type mask mask machines, rotary cup-type mask fusion slicing machines, cup-type mask breathing valve punching machines, cups Masks, nasal masks, cups, masks, ear tapes, spot cups, cups, masks, monochrome cups, masks, breathing valves, etc.
Device Information
Cup type mask forming machine
The cup-shaped mask forming machine can automatically complete multiple procedures from feeding, to molding, cutting, and returning materials. Compared with the traditional manual feeding, material returning, and cutting, it can save 3-5 man-hours. The production of masks 30-36, using PLC control system, touch screen settings, the operation is simple and quick, single can be used alone, only need manual feeding and reclaiming. Greatly improve the production efficiency.
Automatic cup mask molding machine parameters:
Pressure: 5kg/cm2
Machine size: 3400*1230*1900MM
Machine weight: 500KG
Maximum power: 10KW;
Working power: 5KW
Speed: 30-36PCS/MIN
Cup mask mask machine
Cup-type mask mask machine, also known as slicer, mainly uses the principle of ultrasonic cutting and automatic welding and edge-sealing to complete special cutting and welding of slices. The machine solves the disadvantages of inaccurate positioning of the traditional lace machine, inaccurate dimensional control, low production efficiency and high labor costs. Sets the material discharge, the stick wheel pulls the material, the ultrasonic cutting, the waste separation, the finished product slicing and so on many processes as a whole, has greatly increased the production efficiency, reduced the production cost, causes the product to be more standardized, the quality is more stable, the appearance is more beautiful.
Automatic cup mask mask machine parameters:
Power supply voltage: 220V, 50/60HZ
Machine size: 840x630x1430mm
Weight: 450KG
Discharge rack size: 1550x620x1510mm
Pressure: 6Kg/cm
Production: 50-60pcs/min
Power: 1800W
Frequency: 20KHZ
Automatic cup mask mask features:
1. Automatic counting, effective control of production efficiency and production schedule.
2. Frequency control, adjust the speed of the equipment according to actual needs.
3. Rotary control box, according to customer requirements to adjust the direction of the control box.
4. Automatic collection of waste, so that the waste is automatically withdrawn, giving the operating staff less manual labor.
5. Pull the material into the tube to achieve more accurate positioning, which can minimize the width of raw materials and save costs.
6. The length dimension control of the finished product is uniform, the deviation is ±1mm, and the length of the finished product is effectively controlled so that the slicing can not only satisfy the production process requirements, but also eliminate waste.
7. Independent rack, easy to pick and place and adjust raw materials.
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