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Understand the installation and adjustment of ultrasonic embossing machine

Flower wheel installation
When installing the flower wheel, it is necessary to place the mold frame in the raised position, remove the left cover of the flower wheel mold frame, and install the flower wheel. The left cover plate of the mold frame is fitted and the screws are locked. This frame is a patented technology of Lili. (See right figure). The flower wheel carrier is lowered to make the flower wheel contact with the mold. By adjusting the eccentric wheel, the working surface of the flower wheel is parallel to the working surface of the mold.
Flower wheel adjustment method
1) A4 paper can be used in the pressure wheel and the flower wheel, the pressure is adjusted to 1.5KG, the flower wheel cylinder adjustment screw nut rotates up, no limit, then the upper and lower mold speed button is adjusted to the scale 2 position, the output will be Adjust the power to position 4, press the pressure roller switch, then step on the pedal, then step on the pedal, wait for the flower wheel to walk at least one circle, and then release, and then step on the flower pedal to let the flower wheel rise, while pressing Press the wheel switch and let the roller rise. Take out the white paper and see if the embossing is balanced.
2) When embossing is not balanced, first loosen the eccentric locking screw on the left cover of the mold frame, then rotate the eccentric (clockwise, the flower wheel moves up; counterclockwise (see Figure 1)), lock Eccentric wheel, repeat the above action until it is balanced.
3) After adjusting the level of the flower wheel with A4 paper, please simultaneously lower the position of the flower wheel cylinder adjusting nut so that the flower wheel just touches the steel mold. (Preventing the flower wheel from sliding and colliding with the steel mold)
4) Adjust the wheel pressure according to the thickness of the sewing or knurling material. Thicker material pressures are larger, and vice versa.
5) According to the different materials to be blown, different thickness, and pattern complexity of the flower wheel, the following three aspects are comprehensively adjusted to achieve the ideal melting effect: (1) flower wheel line speed; (2) flower wheel pressure; ( 3) Ultrasonic power size.
When the speed of the Δ flower wheel is low, the processing material receives ultrasonic energy for a long time, and the contact time between the flower wheel and the steel mold is also longer, and it is relatively easy to melt.
When the pressure of the Δ flower wheel is high, the processing material receives a large amount of ultrasonic energy and is relatively easy to melt. (At the same time the flower wheel wears on the mold also increases)
6) Flower wheel inspection:
The pattern of the flower wheel must maintain a sharp state, hardness HRC60 ~ 61 °. The worn and rusted flower wheel must not be used, so as not to affect the quality of the product, or the accelerated wear of the steel mold due to the increased pressure of the flower wheel.
7) Control of flower wheel pressure:
The Δ pattern is complex and the pressure can be increased.
The Δ pattern is less sharp and the pressure can be increased.
The amplitude of the sonic wave of the Δ steel die is small and the pressure can be increased.
For materials with higher chemical fiber content (such as NYLON), the pressure can be reduced. If TC cloth is used, the pressure can be increased.
Δ thick material, the pressure can increase some.
With the same mass and the same processing speed, the smaller the flower wheel pressure, the better. (The pressure is small, the wear of the steel mold and the flower wheel is small, and the equipment life is long)
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