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Brief introduction of ultrasonic embossing machine type

1.1 How does it work?
The machine picture uses high-frequency oscillations to transmit sound waves from the welding head to the welding surface of the workpiece, instantaneously causing friction of the working substance molecules, reaching the melting point of the plastic, thereby completing the rapid dissolution of the solid material and completing the welding; it can also perform neat local cutting of the textile. With seals. Stitching also plays a decorative role, strong adhesion, waterproof effect can be achieved, embossing is clear, the surface has a three-dimensional relief effect, the work speed, the effect of the product is more high-end appearance; the quality of its joint strength is guaranteed Close to a whole piece of continuous material, as long as the joint design of the product to match, completely sealed is absolutely no problem.
1.2 Major Parameters
Power: 1400W/1600W/2000W
Frequency: 20KHZ
Voltage: 50/60HZ 220VAC/ 10A
Weight: 150KG
1.3 Function Introduction
1.3.1 Ultrasonic lace machine spends wheel head wear-resisting, flower mold is easy to disassemble, flexible to use;
1.3.2 The force of the lace machine operation without preheating can be continuous processing, speed, mass production, can rotate;
1.3.3 Use ultrasonic lace machine to directly sew all kinds of fabrics, at the same time for edge cutting, hole splitting, and imprinting, so that the product can be formed once, without burrs and without loose mouth;
1.3.4 This type of lace machine uses ultrasound to directly edging all kinds of materials, bronzing, and suppressing various types of graphics. The power is adjusted according to different fabrics and thicknesses.
1.3.5 The operation is convenient and easy to understand, ordinary workers can operate on the machine;
1.3.6 The use of special alloy steel to make flower wheel mold, according to customer needs to develop a variety of complex flower patterns; welding head wear resistance and long life, easy to remove and disassemble the flower mold, eccentric core adjustment, flexible, fast level high;
1.3.7 Using the latest ultrasonic technology from Lijin, the world famous brand original device is widely used, with advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable operation and convenient operation;
1.4 Application Area
Mainly used for synthetic fiber fabrics, or chemical fiber blended fabrics, chemical films (containing more than 30% chemical fiber), can be processed into the required products, such as Nylon cloth, sewing thread, non-woven fabrics, T / R cloth, special Longbu (Polyester Cloth), artificial leather, sprayed cotton, PE paper, PE+Aluminum, PE+Cloth and other composite materials, thermoplastic plastic foils and plastic sheets, and laminated laminating cloths. The edge of the film paper, welding, melting, cutting, embossing, etc., processing products with good watertightness, high production efficiency, no needlework accessories, smooth cutting surface without flash, feel good and so on; widely used in clothing, toys, environmental protection Textile bags, masks (cup masks, face masks, three-dimensional masks, etc.) and other industries. Applicable products include clothing lace, bed covers, pillow cases, car covers, tents, packaging tapes, backpacks, travel belts, hand-held belts, curtains, raincoats, windbreakers, snow clothes, toys, gloves, tablecloths, chair covers, quilt covers, Masks, hair accessories, accessories, umbrellas, lampshades, etc.
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