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Understand the characteristics of ultrasonic embossing machine

Ultrasonic embossing machine adopts frequency wide frequency tracking technology, so that the output frequency of the ultrasonic generator is always consistent with the frequency of the transducer, thus ensuring the quality of stitching and embossing, and greatly prolonging the life of the ultrasonic generator and transducer device; The use of high-frequency vibration waves is transmitted to the surface of two or more materials to be welded.
Working principle: Ultrasonic lace machine wide frequency tracking technology: When the output frequency of the ultrasonic generator does not match the transducer frequency, it will not only affect the experimental results, but even damage the equipment when the deviation is large.
In the case of pressurization, the surface of the material is rubbed with each other to form a fusion between the molecular layers. The advantages thereof are rapid, energy-saving, high fusion strength, good electrical conductivity, no spark, and near-cold processing.
1. The welding time is short, the ultrasonic automatic suture avoids the use of the sewing thread, saves the trouble of changing the sewing thread frequently, the sewing speed is 5 to 10 times of the sewing of the sewing machine, and the width is customized by the customer;
2. Due to the absence of needles, the situation of broken needles remaining in the material during the sewing process is avoided, and safety hazards are eliminated, belonging to a new generation of safety and environmental protection products;
3. There is no traditional thread suture broken joints, strong adhesion, embossing is clear, the surface has a three-dimensional relief effect, the product is more upscale and beautiful;
4. The finished product has no pinholes, no water seepage, and more waterproof effect;
5. The use of roller molds, easy to change the mold, can be stitched out of ever-changing and complex patterns of non-continuity and symmetry, but also according to customer needs to develop a variety of flower-shaped patterns;
6. The machine has a high degree of automatic intelligence, and the assembly of infrared automatic edge-to-edge system can automatically correct the material of each layer, so that the upper and lower materials are always in alignment when sewing, the processing loss is low, and the product is more stable and stable.
Frequency: 15KHZ,
Output power: 12KW
Appearance size: 8000MM*2000MM*2300MM
Efficiency: 8-20M/MIN
Weight: 6800KG
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