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Dongguan huitong Automatic Machinery Tecnology Co., Ltd is specialized in development of ultrasonic technology and Automatic equipments. Our team has more than 10 years of professional experience of technology and practical in ultrasonic area. With the core concept of " improve Huitong person abilities in practices and communications to creat the classic brand in one century generations to generations ", through our professional level and Unremitting efforts, to provide the province of artificial, efficient and stable automatic production equipment. Since its inception we have been adhering to the user needs as the core, more than 30 countries and regions we proving quality and stability of the equipment for customer and after-sales service intentions, woned many enterprises trust and praise.
Our main products are: automatic medical mask equipment, automatic 2D (folding) masks equipment, industrial masks manufacturing equipment, ultrasonic disposable manufacturing equipment, ultrasonic cloth cutting, slitting, embossing etc and ultrasonic non-woven fabrics Products. We have been focusing on research and development new products according customer requirements, reasonable cost, minimize labor costs, in order to get advanced equipment as the market goal.
Willing to take a sincere heart, with you to explore the road of economic development, create brilliant future!
Welcome new and old friends to come! Let us work together to create a better tomorrow!
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